Reimbursable Remote Monitoring for Hypertension and Diabetes

SyncLine provides customizable visualizations and clinical alerts to prompt clinicians for telehealth follow-up via video, call or text. Each dashboard hosts clinical support tools in the areas of RPM alerting, historical and population trending with screen share, and suggested reimbursable actions to deliver cost-efficient care. 

SyncLine RPMs are easily-configurable, "one-button" devices that offer continuous and wireless monitoring. No need for secondary phones, apps or website log-ins. Patients, their families and care teams can view vitals and/or receive alerts. All devices are FDA-approved and HIPAA-compliant. Our platform utilizes devices from world-class device manufacturers to provide the latest in device technology at the lowest cost possible.

We believe one button is enough

Why Syncline Health?

SyncLine captures patient vitals anywhere in the world. Our proprietary interoperability allows secure data sharing across multiple systems with telehealth care collaboration and HIPAA-compliant security.

Connected platform

Investing in remote monitoring for chronic conditions prevents accidents and leads to lower hospital readmissions, ER visits, and inpatient length of stays.

Improved Return on investment

Patient care at home is convenient and results in greater patient satisfaction and health scores.

Better patients care outcomes

Medicare and CMS are introducing new reimbursement opportunities for home health at an accelerated rate. We support you achieving the fullest possible reimbursement.

Reduced cost 

Our device agnostic, low-cost integration allows us to leverage the best in device technology for you, accelerating your readiness for chronic care management.

Quick to Deploy

Our team has decades of experience in full cycle RPM implementation. Recruitment is tailored to your practice with minimal organizational drag.

Increased Revenue

 While a telehealth visit is happening, TeleScribe automatically scribes the encounter. Capture critical components of the encounter such as the SOAP notes, medication updates, vitals, CPT-codes and more. Our voice-to-text engine uses the latest in artificial intelligence and natural language processing to handle this transcription with multiple speakers, rambling conversations, interruptions and other common encounter problems.


Our proprietary Open AI software allows us to build custom integrations with your EHR system. 

Distraction free visits