Remove as many barriers between physicians and patients.

Providers are long overdue for technology that enables them to do their best work. We begin at the provider experience and work backwards to the technology. Our team includes physicians, technologists and healthcare business professionals who are committed to making this change.

47% of Americans have hypertension, 74% of which is uncontrolled.

Providers spend about 12 out of every 16 minutes of clinical care just performing clinical documentation.

EHRs score in the bottom 9th percentile of technologies evaluated for usability.

Gabe Verzino, MPH

  • CEO, Product

  • Product Development, UX, Revenue Cycle,  Data 

Jim Henning, MD, MHCDS/MBA

  • CMO, Co-Founder

  • Anesthesia, Critical Care, Internal medicine, UX, human-centered design

Moses Rajan, MS, MBA

  • CTO, Co-Founder

  • Healthtech Solutions, IT Architecture