One button. One minute.

Less paperwork. More care.

Healthy where you are.

Remote chronic care monitoring (RCCM) with built-in telehealth technology and clinical documentation all in one place. SyncLine makes home health possible by providing physicians with the clinical data necessary to improve health continuously, not just episodically.

Designed specifically to monitor and engage hypertensive and diabetic patients.

Remote monitoring anywhere.

SyncLine provides easy-to-use, "one button" blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring devices that are FDA-approved and HIPAA-compliant. We also integrate agnostically with other best-in-class devices for heart rate, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, temperature and many others. 

Our unique Open API has full interoperability to transform all clinical data into your EHR system, which currently supports all types of providers - both small and large.

One button. One minute.

While providing telehealth, SyncLine Telescribe also works in the background to document encounter details and generate a robust problem list with subjective, objective and diagnostic details critical for a useful progress note entry. Review specific details captured from past history, symptoms, objective details, medications, tests and procedures, and treatment.

We currently integrate with AthenaHealth, but can customize a unique integration to your specific EHR

Do your clinical work once

Keep what you’re worth

Providers lose more money than they should, especially on first-claim denials. Syncline provides the necessary automation to properly code patient services in a CMS-1500 form right away, allowing providers to focus their time on patient care, not paperwork. Our advanced analytics also deliver reimbursement insights for all denial types so you can maximize payments for services rendered.